The 25th anniversary of the Romania – USA Strategic Partnership: gala concert performed by Marius Mihalache & Band, organized by the Romanian Embassy at the Kennedy Center

October 13th, 2022

The gala concert “Săftița: The Timeless Love Songbook” was hosted by the prestigious the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Art,s in Washington DC, on October 11, 2022. The event was part of the Romanian Embassy’s extensive program dedicated to celebrating 25 years of Romania-United States Strategic Partnership.

More than 300 people participated in the event which enjoyed a remarkable success, the artists being applauded for minutes by the public.

The Ambassador of Romania to the USA, Andrei Muraru, thanked the spectators for their presence, noting that diplomatic events are rarely sold out. “This year is important for us, because we are celebrating 25 years since the launch of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States, a key moment for the evolution of our country and its role in the Euro-Atlantic community. And perhaps more important is the fact that Romania and the United States are friends and allies, united by the same fundamental values that include: respect for democracy, the rule of law and territorial integrity. That’s why we wanted to dedicate the concert to this important milestone – 25 years of the Romania-USA Strategic Partnership”, said Ambassador Andrei Muraru.

For over an hour, the well-known cimbalom virtuoso Marius Mihalache and his band of elite musicians, Marius Mihalache & Band: Arabela Nicolau – vocals, Lorin Mihalache – drums, Nicolae Băran – bass, delighted the audience with a combination of Romanian traditional music with current sounds. Also, the show benefited from a special visual space created by Cristian Stănoiu, through a series of live video projections.

About “Săftița”, Marius Mihalache says that it was born from the desire to create musical portraits of Romanian women dependent on love, being, from a musical point of view, a modern project, decorated with the colors of traditional Romanian music.

Organized by the Embassy of Romania to the USA, together with the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and with the generous support of Transylvania Bank, the “Săftița” concert is part of the marathon program of public diplomacy events held by the embassy throughout this year for the anniversary the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Romania-USA Strategic Partnership.