The Embassy of Romania marks the symbolic day of the Romania-USA Strategic Partnership, July 11, by launching a website dedicated to the bilateral relationship and placing a huge sign in the heart of the American capital

July 11th, 2022

The Romanian Embassy in Washington announces the marking of July 11, when, in 1997, the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States was launched, through two initiatives: the display of a graphic sign in the most trafficked area of the American Capital – The Mall and the launch of a website dedicated to the most important moments for the relationship between the two states.

The website can be accessed at and presents both key diplomatic moments for the development of the bilateral relationship between Romania and the United States, which began in 1880, as well as details about the most important pillars of the partnership, the events dedicated to this anniversary year, as well as the latest news related to the evolution of diplomatic relations.

At the same time, the Romanian Embassy will place a graphic sign in the National Mall area, in Washington, D.C., which will be viewable on July 11 by Romanians and Americans. The graphic installation will be composed of hundreds of flags of Romania and the United States, as a tribute to the close bilateral cooperation and the active presence of the Romanian Community in the United States.

** The website was created in partnership with Agerpres, TVR, Arhivele Diplomatice and Trencadis, and the sponsors of the entire program dedicated to the celebration of 25 years of Strategic Partnership are Banca Transilvania, CEC Bank, Hidroelectrica, EximBank and Kaufland.